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The Sparkle House was born in Miller, a little-known gem & neighborhood of Gary, IN. 

Located smack-dab on the southern-most point of Lake Michigan, Miller Beach is nestled in our nation's newest

Indiana Dunes National Park!

While the house is private, the garden is open during the day for leisurely strolls!

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We're on the GARDEN WALK

Miller Garden Club Secret Gardens Walk 2024

"Here We Hoe Again'

Staurday July 13 & Sunday July14        10am - 3pm rain or shine

Box lunches & vendors at the Aquatorium, 6918 Oak Ave, Gary, IN

Tickets $15

Tickets available at Ayers Realtors, Lake Street Gallery, Indie Indie Bang Bang & Miller School Shops & Spaces

Sparkle House will offer a House Tour, Art, T-Shirts, Dish Towels, Soaps & Lemonade

Mark your calendars!

sparkle house.jpg
kitchen wall.jpg

 Sparkle House Journal/Sketchbooks on Amazon!   $14.99

Are YOU one of the generous people who contributed 'stuff' to the sparkle house like bottles, jewelry, mirrors...etc?

I've received SO MUCH and I'm SO GRATEFUL but I'm losing track and don't want to forget who contributed what. 

Help me remember!  Click on this Google Spreadsheet Link and add your name and items.  My old brain thanks you!

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